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Taken when I was on the plane on my way here from the Philippines (2010).I can’t tell if it’s Sunset or Sunrise. I remember looking at the screen projector to look what time it is after I took this picture and seeing the current time to our destination place and the Philippines  but nothing in between.


Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream “Mission”

I thought I like Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream a lot until I saw their website and saw all of the flavors.I marked the ones that I have tasted so far and it’s not even close to 25% (-_____-) . I don’t even see half of these in any 7-11’s that I’ve been to. A lot of them looks good, so I decided to go on a “mission” to taste all of them. Also, those are the only one’s you can buy in a gallons and they have lots that are only available in scoop shops. Tonight, I’m gonna taste: ^haha— just ignore the can of rambutans with syrup in the background.

Paper Craft..

It just took me about 3(?) month’s to finish this. Yeah, I printed it like a long time ago and never find the time to do it. Since I have nothing better to do, I finally finished it. and I know it’s crappy but at least I finished it. haha


RAndom Chat

Random post. Had a funny chat with Lupe and she was telling me how she now wants to be a vet.  Yeah, sorry for bad resolution of screen caps.


Trying to Import some of my blogs from blogger… Robotics (San Diego Regionals)


Took place in San Diego Sports Arena

Day 1: We didn’t really do much on the first day, we just set up our pit, make some adjustments with PePe (that’s the nickname of our robot Spartacus) to pass inspection and collected buttons!! Yay. It’s more of a fun day XD until we found out that the only thing that’s working with our robot is the wheels!!! The kicker and hook is not! So much for PR explaining to other teams what our robot can do and the game is called “Breakaway” which is like SOCCER. But come to think of it, we only have 1 programmer and salute to him for making the robot work. Later in the afternoon Ms. Hodge told us that San Diego channel 6 will visit the regionals early in the morning so we have to be there by 5:30 AM!!! I didn’t want to go, but wth we (I didn’t want to be in it) need the publicity! So PR starts spreading the word to the other teams about the channel 6 visit they said thanks and we said you’re welcome. And yeah, we played soccer in the late afternoon! Was fun, one man team so there’s like 15 teams in a game. (and I didn’t bring my camera in the first day cause I know were gonna be busy setting up the pit)Our Pit

Day 2: Early in the morning, I found out that MTS busses doesn’t start transporting until 6:15 am, but I needed to be in school at 5 am so we can be in the TV, apparently they will start taping 5:30am. So Mr. Felix picked me and Amoree up in our house. Got there at about 5:35 am and the TV people is not even set up yet. I took my camera with me so I just start taking pictures of them people playing soccer/Random shots. We tape, and we get to be in the TV for like less than 30 mins, but it was fun. Practiced my photography skills. I like Patricia’s pose on this pic. (This Blog setup/format is soo hard to manage I might make one entry with just the pictures I took). The team went to IHOP for breakfast, and I’ve never been to IHOP so I wanted to pour their syrups! XD It’s cool they have different flavors haha. Take pictures and then went back to the sports arena.So after fun morning, it became frustrating. We played defense throughout the whole day. Since our kicker is not working, but I guess Defense is the best offense as I think we did pretty good. But there was a lot of attitudes on who was gonna drive it. Day went by quickly. Before the day end, I heard our robot’s kicker flap, the kicker starts working! Thanks to team Robodox for helping our programmer! Day 3: Our collectibles from the other team is growing! :D haha,it was pretty sad though, most of the people are not even there, its funny how we came from a “Most spirited” school and most of our members are selfish to give up on us/ I mean they’re not even there in most of the meetings and the least they can do is to support us by cheering. We know we didn’t have a chance to win anything that has something to do with the robot because we played defense in the first two days, but I thought we had a chance for judges’ award or something because I believe we have a pretty descent PR. But some of the people are so “pessimist” they think we didn’t have a chance at all, I mean if they don’t think we had a chance on something then for sure were not gonna win anything. But to think of it, we have 1 returner with us and it’s only our team’s second year. ll have a better outcome. Awards ceremony came, and we waited and waited and waited, probably one of the most frustrating part of the event haha we didn’t win anything but we definitely learned something. It was kind of sad that all of the “7days a week, less than 6 hours a day that we spent” went to nothing (awards wise). Not entirely nothing because we did get some experience on how it is like.But at the end of the day we did fair with a score of [w-l-d] (5-4-1) and rank mid 20’s out of 49 teams! After the whole thing, the Morales throw a simple gathering and the food was good!!!! We watched Avatar and it was fun, I didn’t want to go home yet but it was pretty late. I just hope that LV regionals will have a better outcome      

Study break: XP

Gens100 class hw was to take picture around campus with:

  • Unusual plants
  • Statue
  • Art gallery

We saw this art that’s purely made of scotch tape (or atleast I think). And took a picture with it..


Midterm’s are coming and I need to stay awake late studying…

so, my dad bought me “good for the week” bottled Starbucks frap.. woot woot.

They usually buy me starbucks doubleshots + energy but those just makes me really sleepy in the afternoon.


My brute

such a nerd.. I know u don’t really control them but it’s kinda fun..

It’s like watching Pokemons fight, but only with fighters XD


First Geology Exam

So I finally saw my score and I got a 96/100

class average of 76…

not bad right? :)


1:24 AM

and still up doing my Rhetoric reading journal..

Need to wake up at 5AM, leave house @6AM to catch my first class of the day @8AM. -_-



LOL @KevJumba and his dad being in the “The Amazing Race

I didn’t even know that..


Math 141

I just realized that college pre-calc makes highschool math analysis look like advance algebra :P.


Can’t believe what I found.. hahah

yes, I was a band geek before…

Too bad the quality is really bad, but atleast I have something as a remembrance


Just realized how big SDSU is…

so this is my weekly “class destinations”— will elaborate later..


Survived my first exam in college…

Idk how I did, but I freaking studied for that one..